Cotswold Self Binding Path Gravel

Size 10mm to 0mm
Colour Cotswold/ Golden / Amber / Mellows over time.
Material Close textured unique naturally occurring quarried gravel.
Use Pathways, cycle tracks, parks, country estates, gardens and golf courses.

Cotswold Self Binding Path Gravel is a gravel with a PH value of 7-8 making it neutral for planting. It is screened to 10mm so that when rolled, it gives a fine, close textured surface. It is used extensively throughout Southern England and Wales.

The material is considered the ultimate pathway material combining durability and low maintenance with aesthetic beauty of natural gravel.

Laid at a 75mm compacted depth one tonne will cover approx. 7 square meters and 13 square meters per tonne when laid at a compacted depth of 40mm.

Very easy to lay using a asphalt paver Wacker plate.

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